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Shafer shoots down questions about McDonald-Lester switch, puts topic to rest

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Regardless of how the questions were phrased, Scott Shafer shot them down.Holding his weekly press conference Thursday morning, the Syracuse (2-3, 0-1 Atlantic Coast) head coach didn’t entertain questions about his demotion of George McDonald from offensive coordinator to solely wide receivers coach and his subsequent promotion of quarterbacks coach Tim Lester to the head of the offense. The switch was announced Monday following the Orange’s third consecutive loss on Friday.In his interview sessions earlier in the week, Shafer discussed the matter and how the coaching staff has handled it. But as a meeting with No. 1 Florida State (5-0, 3-0) loomed 50 hours away, the head coach put his foot down Thursday morning.“Every decision I’ve made is in the direction that points towards the best interests in developing our players and becoming a better football team,” Shafer said. “I’m not going to go backwards and rehash all these things. I don’t believe in living life that way.”When a reporter attempted a follow-up question, Shafer cut him off before the question could be finished.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“I’m having a hard time with your questions because I’m not looking forward to going backwards and I’m not going to do it,” Shafer said. “You want to keep asking them, you can. But I’m done. I answered them. I feel good about where we’re going and it’s not in the best interests of this team to continue to go backwards, so I won’t.”About six minutes later, Shafer was asked if he was concerned about the trend in college football of coaches leaving programs and bringing recruits with them.McDonald’s demotion raises doubt about his future in Syracuse — and as a master recruiter, doubts about the Orange’s recruiting future have surfaced — but Shafer again took a firm stance and declined to discuss the negative implications of his decision.“You’re asking backwards again,” Shafer said. “You two need to get together because I don’t want to talk about this and I’m not going to because it’s not in the best interests of our team. The best interests of our team is to say we’re fighting our butts off as a family to get better every single day. I know you guys get paid to look backwards, but that’s not what we’re doing because that’s a waste of time.“I’ve addressed it. I’m done addressing it and I really can’t say any more.” Comments Published on October 9, 2014 at 11:35 am Contact Phil: [email protected] | @PhilDAbblast_img read more

Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) refuse to participate in 2017 AIMAG, Turkmenistan

first_imgThe Korean e-Sports Association (“KeSPA”) has announced today that it will not take part in the 2017 Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games (“AIMAG”), Turkmenistan. In brief, the reasons for its refusal are as follows:Esports discipline conducted by a non-international federation (and lack of general procedures as a huge sporting event);Esports disciplines decided without consensus with National Federations.The news also outlines that China, Iran, Mongolia and Vietnam are to respond to the issue with a unified statement. It comes after recent news of the esports trials at AIMAG, including the titles: Hearthstone, Dota 2, FIFA/NBA and Starcraft II.The release details in extensive detail the reasons as to why KeSPA will not participate. It mentions the history of KeSPA and AIMAG, with the former assisting the latter at the 2009 and 2013 trials. At the last AIMAG, which was held on Korea, KeSPA worked closely with the International e-Sports Federation (“IeSF”) to conduct and manage esports discipline during the AIMAG. The IeSF has been in continuous conversation with the OCA and 2017 Turkmenistan AIMAG Organising Committee for esports to continue its involvement as a title in the Games. However due to the lack internet infrastructure and budget, it was concluded that it is not able to manage esports with sufficient resources in the region.The main issue that KeSPA has is the fact that instead, the OCA has announced that esports will be managed for 2017, 2018 and 2022 games by Alisports, a private enterprise owned by Alibaba – rather than conducting itself through the officially recognised international federation, which in this case is the IeSF. It also bemoans the fact that official national team selection will not be conducted through the National Federations and National Olympic Committees, but anyone can register online and the qualifiers will be conducted online.  A further gripe is the way the specific game titles were selected. KeSPA outlines in its statement that no consensus was made with the NOC, National Federation or the athletes. It also goes on to say “it has been found through investigation, that the announcement to include esports has been conducted without consideration of the athletes, not being eligible to receive support in becoming a member of the national team squad”. KeSPA approached the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) to ask about the participation process of the 2017 AIMAG and received the following feedback:“KOC has already finalised national team squad for all participating disciplines and therefore cannot dispatch additional esports athletes as official national team members. KOC added after their internal check, that it is a non-medal event, and moreover, that the registration platform is connected a web of a private enterprise (Alisports), and not the official registration platform of Turkmenistan Organizing Committee, an incident which has never been seen or existed before. Considering the current circumstances, KeSPA has also concluded not to dispatch national team members for the rights and interest of Korean esports athletes cannot be protected at this point of time.”The final issue that KeSPA raise is the fact that Alisports formed an organisation called Asian Esports Federation, supposedly “under the nose” of IeSF, in order to manage esports at events such as AIMAG. Esports Insider says: It’s safe to say that KeSPA aren’t happy about this at all. From what they’ve said, it’s fairly easy to see why.last_img read more

1000-player PUBG? Automaton raises $10m to overhaul survival genre

first_imgBritish independent game studio Automaton Games yesterday announced the securing of a $10m (£7.37m) investment from Cambridge Ventures as they work on a survival-combat game of enormous proportions.Automaton is on the warpath. Teaming up with games technology company Improbable, they have their eyes set on the Battle Royale-themed gaming space, where PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (‘PUBG’) is currently blazing a trail to the top of the PC market.The indie producers will be utilising CryEngine and Improbable’s cloud-based SpatialOS tech, which the company claims is ‘unconstrained by the computational and concurrent player limits of a single engine’. Therein lies the key to the ludicrous-sounding map population, which will see a thousand concurrent players occupying a single shared world, with up to 400 engaging in direct combat.It’s a novel pitch from Automaton, who describe a company-wide philosophy of ‘pushing forward virtual world development and massively multiplayer experiences’. Earlier this year, their pioneering approach was aptly demonstrated with the release of unique asymmetrical horror game Deceit, which has turned heads for its intriguing concept after a March release on Steam.Currently in development, Automaton’s as-of-yet-unnamed brainchild will feature a gargantuan map with some impressive dynamic properties. For example, the world will feature a destructive environment, changeable weather, blood trails, effects for both fire and water, and even wildlife that will roam around the map – presumably dodging bullets and reconsidering the benefits of migration.If that doesn’t sound impressive enough, the map will encompass 12 square kilometres – over double the size of PUBG’s Erangel. The decision to go large or go home was made early on –  and SpatialOS provided “an extremely natural fit”, according to Automaton CEO James Thompson.“We’ve spent the last two years building the technology for a next-generation massively multiplayer online game that requires an entirely new approach to game design and development,” James said. “This project delivers an unprecedented fidelity and scale of world simulation, and complex interactions between authored and player-driven content.”“I’m hugely excited that our next step is deploying this $10m investment to bring the game to launch in 2018.”Achieving the unachievable is a key driver for Improbable’s CEO Herman Narula, who described the company’s aim “to give developers the power to make previously impossible games.” Herman said that Automaton proved themselves with Deceit, and is looking forward to seeing what they can do next:“We’re excited by their vision for this new game: the survival genre is seeing a huge amount of attention and excitement, and we’re excited to see what this talented team can do with the massive scale, persistent world and rich systems made possible by SpatialOS.”The game is scheduled for release early next year, with the first playable content slated for access sometime in Spring.Esports Insider says: PUBG has seen a meteoric rise to the top, but this game is on another scale. Whether that will ultimately add sufficiently to gameplay to attract as significant a playerbase as PUBG commands remains to be seen. But whether the product dominates sales or not, this investment promises to push Automaton towards broadening the horizons of the gaming experience regardless.last_img read more