Crafty Chinese stores selling 128MB flash drives as 500GB HDD

first_imgThe price of storage seems to come down every year with manufacturers maintaining their profit margins by just offering more of it at the same price point. But that’s not enough for some salesman who want significantly more than the drives they are selling are worth.In China, some crafty salesman have figured out how to create what some would class as a magical hard drive. From the outside it looks like an official Samsung portable drive with all the right labels. The salesman will even show you the storage capacity of 500GB and copy a large file to it. What more convincing do you need before a sale at an unbelievably low price?AdChoices广告But then you hand over your money to the smiling assistant and take the drive home. It seems to accept all your file copies without issue, but when you come to access them something is amiss. That HD movie you put on there only plays for 5 minutes before looping back to the start. Is it a faulty drive?Apparently this scenario is becoming quite common with portable drives bought in a certain area of China near the border with Russia. A Russian repair shop captured the two images you see here to show us how these magical hard drives are being created.What these Chinese stores are doing is taking a typical portable hard drive case and gluing a 128MB flash drive inside along with some heavy metal objects to make the weight feel right in the hand. The clever bit is tricking any computer it connects to over USB into thinking the drive is much larger than it is, and also how it never runs out of space, rather just looping and copying over what is already on the tiny drive. This is most likely done with some modification performed to the controller in the drive.I suspect the stores doing this somehow ended up with a shipment of portable hard drive cases and decided to make some money with them. The very low price they sell for still turns a big profit for the seller, and the customer won’t realize for a few hours or days at least that he has been conned.via Jitbit Softwarelast_img read more