Porridge porridge seven days of health to join the project support

eat this is a never fading topic, because people have to eat to live. Healthy body can not be separated from the regulation of diet. In the process of Chinese health concept increasingly permeate people in the health care food has become a hot demand for mass consumption, including health porridge has become more and more people’s choice on the market in the gruel house is more and more. The appropriate porridge is subject to frequent regimen of public recognition, can be a part of food, are suitable for everyone. Investment porridge house to create a healthy future wealth! Porridge is also a university, with its own unique culture. Health porridge is the main purpose of conditioning the body, to achieve the effect of health care. A porridge porridge porridge seven days of health, subject to the favor of consumers, a porridge porridge for seven days, how to join read more

Henan Department has issued a red envelope to the enterprise you have no copies

enterprises in the era of the development of the next wave of their own, although remarkable achievements have been made in a series, but sometimes it will inevitably encounter many development problems, but if the local government actively cooperate in a certain degree above the enterprise road to go farther. Henan departments have to send red envelopes, do you have a copy of it? Take a quick look at the details below.

Henan business benefits come! Recently, Henan seven enterprises sector out together, to send welfare enterprises. In August 3rd, in Henan Province, the implementation of the policy to enterprises "mobilization meeting, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the office of science and technology, Department of finance, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Banking Bureau, tax bureau, the provincial government finance office and other seven departments focus on combing informed enterprises, national and provincial key enterprises benefit policy. In these policies, which are closely related to you? read more

Henan service industry the leading trend

in the process of economic development, with the constant adjustment of the industry, the maximum allocation of resources, the structure of the industry has also changed. Looking at the economic development of the 2016 Henan market, the service industry "leading" trend emerged, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

Zhengzhou Zheng Dong New District e-commerce building 57 small household electrical appliance enterprises, last year’s tax revenue exceeded $500 million in one fell swoop, more than the total amount of tax revenue in many counties in our province. A building to create more than a county tax, which is only a microcosm of the province’s construction of high growth service industry in the province. read more

nvestment in early childhood education institutions to plan the site

with the development of the times, early childhood education has become the focus of many people’s attention. As everyone knows, the location is very important for the preschool education institutions to join dealers; therefore, in the business to join preschool education must be careful to grasp the location mechanism, preschool franchise organizations siting skills, so as to give to preschool education institutions to develop good location strategy, let preschool affiliates have good growth environment".

to franchisees in selected locations related to the preschool education preschool education institutions to join in the future, whether related to children’s education dealers can get rich, therefore, is a must to preschool education institutions to join the site work above preschool franchise organizations refer to the location method. read more

nvest in a few steps to go

women in the market has a lot of demand, in order to be able to make money quickly, many entrepreneurs want to try to open a women’s clothing store. However, before the shop, many people are very confused, we do not know how to do to get people’s recognition for their own good business. So, how to open the store? What steps do you take? For this problem, Xiao Bian made a summary, then, a specific understanding of the next bar!

first, let the customer know your

open shop franchise no one knows, the presence of the store are not known to everyone, then how to sales performance. Therefore, to promote your women’s stores, to strengthen efforts to publicize, is the so-called gold monument, silver monument, as the people’s reputation". This is a very important step, because a good beginning is half the battle. read more

What kind of knowledge should be set up

entrepreneurship shop is not a word thing, but need to have a certain strength and skills. If you are impulsive, just open the door, then it will be difficult to succeed. If you want to succeed, you need to have knowledge of what? Let’s have a look.

open goal setting

everything needs to have goals, have a goal to have power. At the same time you choose to set up a shop, you need to make a detailed financial or business objectives, and then for the purpose of a phased struggle. In the shop at the beginning, most of the people to open goal is very vague, in fact, setting a goal is really important, of course, in the formulation of objectives must be based on their own, do not set too high, do not set too low, making according to the corresponding plan to implement, the key step is very much. read more

The girl fell into the fire stove for 200 thousand severe facial burns surgery

last month, Yingshan County, a 3 year old girl in the fire when a plunge into the stove, resulting in large area of facial burns, respiratory tract and therefore damaged. According to the hospital said the surgery may be more than 200 thousand yuan, the family can not afford secretly cry.

Fell from the chair read more

How to open a cold drink shop in summer

today’s domestic food market, cold drinks can be said to be a very special existence, at the same time there are a lot of people are fond of the cold drink products, some cold stores in daily life is also very popular.

summer special hot and cold drinks became the focus of the market, many franchisees is spotted this before joining the cold store, then facing the first question, how cold store location? The wrong location will lead to business failure, so the location is very important, Xiaobian found some good data, we look at it together. read more

do not know the 6 hot pot shop location skills

open a hot pot restaurant is not as simple as people think, just a hot pot shop site is a learning. Is it a lively place or a cheap place? Residential or commercial areas? This requires entrepreneurs to analyze their own selection.

1. transportation facilities. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well. read more

Small investors tens of thousands of benefits can be opened shop

to say tens of thousands of dollars in the hands of the investment business, what good? Or be a peddler? No, as long as you join the temple one thousand Mian noodle shop, a small investment income, tens of thousands of dollars to shop.

one thousand house Mian noodle shop to join the project is to build for small and medium investors investment projects, the investment is small, relatively low risk, high return industry prospects. Each project technical training fee is reasonable, the core formula is taught, construction, operation according to the different situations of staff advice. Less than thousands of entrepreneurs. 24 hours from digital climbing, continuing to seize the streets of Mong Kok read more

Wuqing District Employment and entrepreneurship work to achieve effective training in the region to

every day to hear the slogan of innovation and entrepreneurship, although there is a very good publicity, you can inspire more entrepreneurial passion. Since the slogan shouted out, but also need to make effective. Wuqing Tianjin employment and entrepreneurship work has achieved practical results.

read more

ndonesia and ndia home jewelry store in the future to look good

for the ancients, the majority of clothing and household functions in order to meet the basic needs of life, and now the fashion design is to fashion, and home accessories design is more inclined to decorate. So Home Furnishing decoration industry is now bursting with popularity, selection of exotic Home Furnishing accessories to get rich faster.

read more

Zheng Yaonan from security to billionaire entrepreneurs legend

each of us may want to venture it, thinking of how much money earn feeling, but few can really do, in fact, entrepreneurship is not great, no matter how you were born as you want to have success, want to say today is such inspirational story, a guy named Zheng Yaonan is a security guard. But now through entrepreneurship, billionaire!

1995, 20 year old Zheng Yaonan, then it is the floor when the spring breeze of reform. Zheng Yaonan from Fujian home with 500 dollars, went to Shenzhen. Only graduated from secondary school, he was able to find the first job is to do security at WAL-MART headquarters in China, the gatekeeper.

security when in the store, he carefully observe the learning of consumers buy things psychological research, the salesman is how to sell things, to study how the management of supermarket goods. When he knew that a small bottle of cosmetics can be sold to 300, he was a huge impact on the heart, determined to do sales. Two years later, he quit his business, with their own hands of more than 20 thousand yuan, opened the first cosmetics store. A year later, it was 8.

second times during the 2009 financial crisis. Zheng Yaonan found the domestic market read more

Suitable for 80 of our business rich project

with the development of the times, and now there are many young people are faced with the situation of unemployment, rising prices so that a lot of people feel the pressure, then a thousand dollars a small entrepreneurial achievements of 80 million millionaires. Perhaps thousands of dollars in the eyes of some people just eat a meal, drink a bottle of wine, but for entrepreneurs, this is a few thousand dollars to build the cornerstone of this small entrepreneurial myth! After 80 female college students entrepreneurial story for us to light up the wisdom of small businesses. read more

What are the promotion of bathroom

bathroom is every household needs to use the product, there are a lot of bathroom brands on the market. Contemporary business, has been developed to the stage without market promotion, but to promote such a clear understanding of the market activities of manufacturers and distributors is not too much. So, if you want to sell a good bathroom, what are the ways to promote it? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

a large unified promotion. A large unified promotion with more or less nature had to promote, especially in the bathroom of the sales season, such as 51, eleven, new year’s day, 3· 15 of these important nodes, we are doing, is a critical moment to speak with the dealer of hard power, basically each of these nodes, for large manufacturers in terms of sanitary products to promotion? No doubt is a feast again and again, for the strength of the poor business, more helpless, basically do not do not hold white do, do a white mentality to do. read more

Hu Keqian’s clothing chain to join the entrepreneurial story

venture Road is difficult, want to own their own business must have a firm and indomitable will and indomitable heart, Hooke lead by his actions and results proved that he had to insist on, do not want to use the strength to start their own business.

1997, in Yiwu to do business with the help of a friend, 19 year old Hooke lead his father to give up to $20 thousand, came to Yiwu alone. He had 3 helpers, opened a clothing store "me.". In the first few months, Hooke lead with a superb craftsmanship and good service, won a number of fixed customers. At that time, handmade clothing is very popular in Yiwu at the time, on the one hand,   variety is not very rich, people demand for fashion is very urgent; on the other hand, he paid attention to service is, as far as possible to meet customer demand, coupled with his clothes made of personal comfort, so business is booming. read more

Women do poineering work

now, a lot of women after marriage to have children, want to go back to the office to work is very difficult, on the one hand to take care of their families, on the other hand, a lot of jobs for married women more restrictions. Women entrepreneurship has become a hot topic now. So, what do women do? Xiaobian this introduces a few suitable for women entrepreneurship projects.

read more

What is the significance of the development of urban and rural medical insurance in Anhui

2016 Chinese hospital health economics society and medical insurance committee before the seminar held in Hefei, the Provincial Planning Commission Director Yu Dezhi said, our province is developing the urban and rural medical insurance plan, is expected to further enhance the level of urban and rural health care financing. It is noteworthy that the province is building a number of provincial diagnostic platform to solve the problem of limited level of primary hospital diagnosis. Keywords:

read more

The poor also want to start the poor entrepreneurs have to use poor methods

believe that many young people have had their own dream of entrepreneurship, but the biggest obstacle in front of them is nothing more than a financial problem, many with dreams and detailed planning of entrepreneurs have fallen in front of the funds. Now say that the rich society, the poor lack of money, it is easy to fall into a vicious cycle. No money, it is difficult as large, only for fuel worry; there is no money, don’t give up the hands of the bread, to pursue more and better things; no money, money can not enter the circle of people, only in the poor heap in the mix. But the editor believes that the rich people’s thinking is sometimes not much more than the poor, and the poor want to venture to write a poor way.

we will laugh that monkey is too silly, but for you, what will happen?

read more

Jinzhai is the home business into the national pilot counties

innovation and entrepreneurship work this year with a new task – to help migrant workers and other personnel to return home to start a business, in order to better implement this policy, first of all need to have pilot counties. Jinzhai county was included in the country to return home venture pilot counties.

4 1 days, reporters from the municipal departments was informed that the day before returning home in the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly announced a national innovation pilot county list, Jinzhai County, the city is among the. In the future, the county through the introduction of new urbanization to support migrant workers and other personnel to return home to start a pilot work, will further promote poverty alleviation, accelerate the construction of the old liberated areas to play a positive role. read more

n the winter time to play knit rural women harvest new profit

many rural left behind women in order to take care of their families, had to take into account the agricultural production on the one hand, on the one hand to take care of the family, income is not high. In order to increase the income of rural women, Yumin County Altun Emil village to help women to carry out manual weaving in the slack time activities, change in economic income.

"39" to the winter, cold hit pedestrians, and Emil township of Altun Emil village in Yumin County, Aleteng cultural activities room is as warm as in spring, full of laughter, the village more than 30 women use their hands to weave a piece of exquisite handicrafts, these handicrafts are sold at good prices and let them in the winter fallow season also had economic income. read more

Mexico fire cake business with a small capital preferred

now there are a lot of snacks, suitable for a person to operate the brand is not a minority. As long as the product meets the needs of the market, it is easy to do a good job in investment management business. Xiaobian to recommend a Mexico fire cake snacks, hoping to help small entrepreneurs do worry free investment projects.

Mexico fire cake like high popularity, colorful, changeable appearance, soft skin, visual features, more fun, fun. Mexico multiple flavors to create the taste and taste of fresh air. Europe and the United States advocate eel flavor, black pepper, curry flavor, tomato flavor, cheese flavor, fragrance attractive, delicious, memorable entrance. Mexico fire cake baking technology coupled with fine wheat flour, feature modeling, private mold, one button simple operation, quick meals, easy to change the western fast food. read more

Where is the best place to open a bookstore

investment bookstore is a very elegant choice of business, compared to the food and clothing store to be a lot easier, but also a leisurely and profitable. For bookstore operators, the location of the store is very important. So the bookstore should be chosen where is better?

1, students gathered near

the in the vicinity of the location of the school, the students went to the bookstore to store the main motivation is to purchase their favorite books, learn to use the CD, as well as the party chat, pass the time. Students should be provided with suitable books and audio-visual products. During the summer and winter business is light, the need for flexible operation. read more

How to do a good job in the early planning

many entrepreneurs choose to shop, in fact, if you want to continue to profit in the process of operation, early planning is critical, entrepreneurs need to do a full preparation work in the business early, so how to do business in the early stage of planning?

1, the development of new stores in the development of strategic planning in the opening of new stores, the future development of new stores to carry out strategic planning.

speed shop, such as shop scale, new store development prospects. In the search for new business opportunities, there are usually two options: first, the existing retail stores in the city to add new retail points; the two is not yet opened in the development of the city set up a new retail point. The first case is easy to make decisions, and the second usually requires a more comprehensive, systematic decision-making process. For individual investors, shop plans often should pay more attention to short-term business forecasts rather than long-term planning. read more

How to join the old shop

old general visibility is relatively high, has a huge market appeal, has a huge market competitiveness, is the first choice for many entrepreneurs to join, then, how to join the old shop? Xiaobian below for you to collect some information, I hope to be helpful to you.

identify "time-honored"

"time-honored" due to lack of legal consciousness, the degree of attention for their own business goods and trademark is not enough, there are a large number of similar "time-honored". read more

Market Research leather beauty is the most lucrative industry in 2011

more and more people to buy leather goods, leather goods filled with every corner of life. Chinese leather market is huge, the resulting leather cosmetic market prospects, leather is beauty, maintenance, cleaning, washing and dyeing of leather, renovation, repair, including leather shoes, leather sofa, car cushion, leather clothing, leather bags and other leather products.


] market prospectsAccording to the

read more

Seven traps in the process of individual entrepreneurship

to do business to make money, this is to hear people in daily life most of the sentence, but entrepreneurship is also exist seven It differs from man to man., trap individual entrepreneurial wealth process, different people may have entrepreneurial success, some may fail, failure often into these traps.

a trap: the short-sighted boss short-lived shop

because China has a lack of wealth, so we were like entrepreneurs into Clay oven rolls shop hungry, what to eat what caught, which also had leisure to taste more delicious dumplings shop next door to eat. Many entrepreneurs are different from each other was brought into the sesame seed shop, and some were brought into the dumpling shop, not far from the Quanjude signs but no one saw. Long term strategic planning of the enterprise is short-lived, rich generation, let alone the three generation. read more

Bye yellow pot characteristics brand tastes Security

most of the time people are busy with their basic necessities of life can not be separated, because this is what we need every day, less, your life will not be able to continue. It is essential to have three meals a day in our daily life, so it is absolutely impossible to eat. Yellow Hot pot pot are R & D, production, sales, health, health as a whole, to meet the current needs of consumers, to create a unique taste and have a healthy diet for consumers in the title, more assured Hot pot.

Bring unique delicious yellow read more

Putuo District Youth Entrepreneurs Association Second General Assembly successfully concluded

Shanghai, the city has a large number of young entrepreneurs, is constantly striving for innovation and entrepreneurship. Putuo District Youth Entrepreneurs Association held its second annual general meeting, summed up the achievements of one year, pointing out the direction of future business development.

1 21, Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurs Association held a general meeting of the Putuo District, more than 130 young entrepreneurs from all walks of life in Putuo District to participate in the membership. City Federation vice chairman Gao Kaiyun, district standing committee, United Front Work Department Minister Huang Haiping, Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, education minister Chen Qi, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, District Federation party secretary Ma Yu, regional Federation vice president Fang Weilin, deputy secretary of the Regional Social Work Committee Mao Caiping and brothers counties young entrepreneurs also attended the meeting. read more

Open shop to prevent the purchase of new products to find the buyer to pay attention to four points

a lot of novice in the shop will always encounter some thorny problems, such as how to find a good source of goods, how to pay attention to purchase cheated, etc.. The online shop must first consider good supply of goods, "goods" and "good faith" is the two important pillars of good money shop, shop, shop supply determines the quality of the goods and the accumulation of credibility, so to solve the supply problem of the shop is the fundamental problem of novice shop.

how to find a good supply? Can’t wait to find new sellers purchase methods and ideas. Here are a few suggestions for reference: read more

What kind of tea to join the chain investment

tea as a very important kind of drink, has a very high popularity, as long as the business opportunities are correct, the right way to operate, making money will be very simple. However, the current large number of tea market brands, which will undoubtedly bring difficulties to people’s choice. So, what kind of tea to join the chain project worth investing? Let me see small series of.

huge market demand for tea and the gradual rise of the market prospects, attracting a wave of people who went to the gold rush. Tea is not only a thousand years of living habits, but also in recent years, the rise of the concept of health and health promotion of life, became the first major health care market. Because for consumers, tea can health, why should I take medicine? Therefore, the choice to join the tea project, tea or tea to join agents, is correct, because it has a huge market base and growth rate is staggering. read more

Hong Kong sland to raise the mayor of black pig financing

modern people attach great importance to food safety, which is actually a very good business opportunities. There is an area of more than and 600 acres called "Zhang East Island" island in the Ningbo Xiangshan County Sizhou town crab in Hong Kong, from the beginning of March this year, the original abandoned island into a group of black pig paradise, the black pigs foraging freely on the island, free to roll, in the mud beach run wild life is very loose ".

this group of pigs have a unified name – "black pig island", the island and the black pig owner called Huang Yudi, 27 years old this year, graduated from China University of Political Science and Law in 2006. He told reporters that he would like to next year, his island black pig sent to the table of Ningbo, he also wanted to encourage him to start his own business, to help finance the mayor Liu Qi personally taste his pork. read more

What is the name of the cake shop taboo

we can according to the relevant methods, in line with certain requirements, on the basis of the principle of satisfaction, to store a good name. However, a careless, it is possible to make the name of the shop taboo, so that the late development of the store affected. Therefore, as the operator, the name of the shop is naturally very familiar with the taboo. So, cake shop name taboo what?

1, unlucky word without

What are the names of the

cake shops? Unlucky words are not only taboo business name, customers see is shunned, something good I am afraid it is difficult to attract customers. So we must pay more attention in the name of the time, attention is not just using words and read, homophonic, or anti read can let a person feel unlucky, which requires entrepreneurs to read several times as well. read more

What are the 19 small entrepreneurial projects in rural areas you choose

, who said that only in the city can entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurs can still succeed, for the development of rural areas, we are obvious to people, not the past already can not afford to eat rice for that time, most families now have to realize, upstairs downstairs, television and telephone, therefore, seize this piece of rural the broad market, can become entrepreneurs Master.

send fertilizer to field

read more

Seven steps into the chain of entrepreneurship

in the face of a lot of joining the entrepreneurial brand, I do not know how to step out of the first step to join the venture. In this regard, small advice, join venture is not a trifling matter, do not be impatient! Join entrepreneurs in nine steps, can stabilize the path of entrepreneurship.

choose profit data collection complete, join entrepreneurs can choose 2 to 3 franchise business projects, negotiations with the franchisee, understand the management strength and management headquarters. In the course of the goods than three, join entrepreneurs focus of attention, not the total amount of investment in the high and low, but the probability of success after joining the venture is much higher. Step five:

read more

nvestors should choose to join in the project should pay attention to matters

people in the choice of business will be tangled in the end what join the project better, more successful, and the market franchise project now includes some products for clothing and shoes, food catering, health, beauty cream dessert and children health care class. The franchisee is from these projects to choose what they think is a good project.

because most of them have such characteristics: small, initial investment return period is short, especially in their daily life and closely related. Basic necessities of life, the four elements of daily life, who can not be separated every day. Market demand is clear, profitable or not, only related to the choice of joining the business and the pros and cons of business methods. read more

Qinhuangdao 32 departments set up entrepreneurial service station is very easy to start a successful

Qinhuangdao innovation and entrepreneurship service policies continue to improve, stimulating more entrepreneurs in the struggle for the dream, I believe in policy support, innovation and entrepreneurship will be very good results.

read more

Wuzhen nternet entrepreneurship nnovation Service Center inaugurated yesterday


engaged in Internet related work, these two days will focus on the dynamic tiny spots of Wuzhen. Discussion on the world Internet Conference will herald the next year, the direction of the Internet in the field. Closely related to Internet entrepreneurs.

to venture in Wuzhen young people during the world Internet Conference, and will have a heavy good news. Yesterday, the Wuzhen Internet entrepreneurship Innovation Service Center Preparatory Office held the unveiling ceremony. Including Zhongguancun Internet Financial Services Center, Sadie, a large number of educational institutions settled. In the future, want to show their skills in the field of the Internet, young people, and more than a booster in their entrepreneurial road courageously forward a powerful booster. read more

How to improve the popularity of specialty snack food stores

people are chasing love new things, even after eating this is no exception, open a special leisure food stores, can make money and gain popularity. To improve the characteristics of leisure food store sales, must know how to attract the attention of customers, and the practical operation skills and the actual situation together, in order to ensure that the characteristics of leisure food franchise business is good, but for everyone Xiaobian immediately some tricks trick.

read more

Repeat display to improve customer focus

shelves so much, but the product is so few, we are empty shelves, or the goods on display? In fact, if the store can be repeated display, will be able to improve customer attention, thereby enhancing store sales, increased profits.

commodity market, due to the listing of goods is not sufficient, often new products on the several styles, customers often exist, and so on, and so on more than some of your goods, you can have more choices when purchasing psychology. This time, for the store, is the largest profit sales time. Therefore, we must find a way to let customers wait to dispel the psychological, immediately make a decision to buy. read more

Analysis on the location of bedding store

bedding store location where good? This is a very important issue for operators. Xiao Bian often see some business stores in the store or shop in the area, this is a very good choice. In the site, should pay attention to what issues? If you don’t know, come and learn.

bedding store site selection must observe the flow of people around, a large flow of people will give you the bedding store to bring more customers. There should also be noted that the rapid transport facilities and the living standards of the residents and units of the various circumstances, these factors may affect the late management of the store. Therefore, the opening of the bedding store must be forward-looking. read more

How to do a good job in small accessories

many friends like small adorn article, the market has a lot of small jewelry store. Small adorn article, as now one of the most talked about the market, because of its low cost of investment projects, investment is small, the effect is faster than the characteristics of many entrepreneurs of all ages. Therefore, this makes small adorn article shop has become a popular choice of many entrepreneurs. So for the small adorn article of the novice entrepreneurs, how to do a good job to join the cause of small accessories? read more

Several problems needing attention in education and training projects

in order to let their children win at the starting line, many parents of the children get more good education brand, industry prospects are very good, with the modern needs of parents on children’s education is more and more big, entrepreneurs also keep an eye on the tremendous business education hidden behind the industry and have the strong investment. However, in this broad market, investors in order to make the cause of education, the need for education and training to join the preparatory work to do a good job. read more

Ma Yun please the richest man in the world to eat what

a quasi China’s richest man and the world’s richest man to eat together to talk about what? June 18th, the world’s richest man, Bill, ·, twitter news release said, has arrived in Beijing to discuss the issue of charity and Alibaba Ma, saying that this is a great conversation".

on the previous night, the well-known real estate developers in Ren Zhiqiang micro-blog said: "tonight Ma arranged some entrepreneurs and Bill · Gates discussed together with the charity and public welfare issues. Communicate with each other to promote China’s public welfare undertakings." Attracted many onlookers and speculation. read more

Open the store to keep in mind the six channels of purchase

want to know, to open a good store to find a good source, if you can get into the cheap and good goods, you can easily sell, earn money. So, what kind of supply can now choose to open the store to do it together to listen to me to introduce some of the open store supply of goods which.

just shop seller, if your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large service wholesale purchase, to ensure the quality of clothing and the minimum purchase price of goods. read more

Operating tea shop should grasp what sales skills

we all know, improve the tea shop sales is very care about the topic of each tea, want a long-term profit, we must through the sale of the correct methods and techniques, which can not only increase the profitability of tea shops, but also can make a tea shop in the market more long-term development run. Our goal is to open up the tea shop is profitable, and improve the sales of tea shops is the most direct way to achieve profitability. Want to improve the benefits of tea shops, we have to know how to sell tea products, which need to constantly improve the sales skills of tea shop staff. read more

Qingyang District Chengdu entrepreneurship contest held recently in 2015

entrepreneurship contest now around has become very frequent, and some social entrepreneurs are also actively participate in some business activities, recently in Chengdu Qingyang District organized entrepreneurship competition attracted many entrepreneurs in the eye.

19, Chengdu District of Qingyang city in 2015 venture contest held in Chengdu, from the city of Chengdu, Chengdu Information Technology Co. Ltd. with its wisdom catering cloud ERP system project won the first prize of the contest to decide the winner. read more