3 tips for choosing the right target market

many entrepreneurs for the choice of the industry is very confused, do not know how to do. In fact, on the market, many entrepreneurs do not want to be restricted, they often believe their creation has broad appeal, they always imagine more services industry, geographic population and application.

1. deliver real value quickly? Early customers should be satisfied with the use of a product that has not been flooded. They must be involved in the R & D process, providing a wealth of product characteristics and early use without glitches. Is there a customer department that will ease the pain even in part? read more

Entrepreneurship does not mean that it is important to take risks

everyone’s venture, it seems to be an unpredictable way. Facebook  the first venture was in a college dorm, Google  in the garage in the early days of entrepreneurship. Where did you start your first venture?

Tom  is a small fund company vice president of marketing in recent years, the development of the fund industry bottlenecks, the market environment is bad, the fund issued or he began to find another way. His reason is simple: he wants to be promoted to the director of the market is not big, if the job hopping to the newly established fund company, the position will be promoted, but the new company is facing many challenges, very difficult to work. So he decided to start a consulting firm with like-minded friends. It can be said, Tom  start a business, is the need for career development.

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Fingerprint lock ten brands list the whole

now people are rich, and all kinds of unstable factors are also increasing, so, the choice of locks, people will naturally choose more and more high-end products, fingerprint lock was born. And because of the increasing market demand, the industry is more and more brands. So, fingerprint lock which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of fingerprint lock bar.

fingerprint lock ten brands list NO.1, Gil KEYLOCK – Guangdong, the first electronic technology Co., Ltd.: read more

Business mentor Zhu Bo Shenzhen began business barometer


management activities like a raging fire, but the financing market is facing a great winter, many investors are reluctant to invest in pocket holding. How can we create an ideal investor entrepreneurial projects, access to investors favor, the majority of entrepreneurs are thinking about the problem.

now in the financing of winter, how to get angel investors and venture capital favored? P2P, O2O, electricity providers, these investors or mind? What kind of entrepreneurial projects will be welcomed by them? Yesterday, organized by Baoan District publicity department, Baoan District Bureau of science and technology innovation, Shenzhen newspaper group crystal newspaper, Baoan District Economic Promotion Bureau, CO invest Baoan District, Baoan District occupation ability development bureau "the creation of · new Baoan" fourteenth famous speeches on the special Zhou Baoan Jing Bao, innovation Valley incubator fund founder are dreamers & his answer: do a good job in the industry vertical, you may also be able to create a Alibaba. read more

An analysis of the unique advantages of Chongqing street in old city street

Chongqing is the time when the whole Chinese people are familiar with? Presumably, CCTV large food culture documentary on the tip of the tongue "China" after the broadcast, the delicious Chongqing small noodles are reflected fully and delightfully have not eaten, let people want to taste the unique flavor of Chongqing small noodles. Since the famous Chongqing small face, Chongqing has repeatedly selected ten small facet of Chongqing. With the popularity of the national food and beverage snack food market, and now many of the top ten small Chongqing have launched a franchise model, attracting a large number of small investment entrepreneurs. Chongqing side to join the top ten which make money? Reporters in Chongqing market access to the small surface, the old city street Chongqing small business opportunities, hot profit, get rich worry free! read more

Car jewelry store investment guide

modern pursuit of personality, fashion, not only in their own clothes on the very particular about the decoration in the car is also particularly hard. Therefore, the opening of a car jewelry store is a broad market prospects, is a rare investment choice. The following is a car jewelry shop investment guide, follow the small series together to see it!

first, market analysis:

with the continuous popularization of automobiles, consumer demand for automotive textiles is also growing. At present, China’s domestic textile products will grow by an annual rate of 20%, it is estimated that China’s textile needs about 60 million square meters per year, the market can be imagined. As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle. General owners willing to buy a car will also spend money on the car to change the point of a personalized interior. Therefore, such accessories should be a market potential. read more

How to join Mario cake brand

food market is a giant bakery West Point, West Point to enter the Chinese market has been widely welcomed by consumers. Of course, for so many years, West Point store in China has occupied a large market. It has a high reputation in the world, just like Chinese food. Europe is the main birthplace of West Point, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia and other countries have a long history, and achieved remarkable achievements in development. Mario cake Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a production and sales of high-end Chinese and Western pastry, bread, dumplings and moon cakes professional business. read more

Entrepreneurial analysis of mobile entrepreneurs cognitive errors which

mobile Internet era, the opportunity to start more and more businesses, many people are doing poineering work through the mobile internet. However, at present there are many mobile Internet entrepreneurs may have misconceptions. The following sort of entrepreneurs three cognitive errors, and join my observation and judgment, hoping to help entrepreneurs.

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How to choose a brand the whole to open restaurants

food and beverage industry has been an industry more optimistic about the people in the business when, also can get a return as soon as possible in the industry, many people have chosen to open a restaurant, because the catering market has a strong demand, but also not fade, so everyone will give priority to the industry. But open the hotel, we must choose a good brand, so that the development of the latter will also bring a great impact. How to choose a brand to start a business? Here’s a look at. read more

2013 white collar Beauty suitable for what to do

in the business of the big market, will never lack of white-collar Beauty this category, 2013 will come, due to the occupation of the restrictions, then these white-collar workers and suitable for what project? Let Xiaobian give you slowly analysis!

2013 white-collar Beauty suitable for one of the entrepreneurial projects: the opening of a distinctive snack bar.

if you are confident about your performance in the kitchen, you can in the downtown area to set up a special snack bar. Only hire a waiter, plus rent, buy Cookware, required liquidity and other costs, the investment can be controlled in the yuan. read more

Always ready for the fulfillment of your desires

everyone has their own aspirations, and for this constant practitioners, I hope tomorrow’s life will be better – beautiful, healthy, have more money to spend, work more satisfactory…… Is it all just a dream? No, don’t say you can’t do it. Many times, the dream seems out of reach, because the target is too vague, people feel unable to start. Try to make a professional plan for yourself, it will help you to achieve a little bit by bit.

determined the moment ready to give up read more

The casual dining brand franchise should pay attention to what the whole

casual dining is a good project, if the investment, then a certain market, you can get a greater return. So, if you want to choose a casual dining brand to join the shop, you need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

many investors ask what project money? Because of large investment, prohibitive, Xiao Bian here to let everyone know that selection is the key of priority among priorities to join the project investors to grasp the investment, leisure drinks market to understand the range of friends to join the brand, join the casual dining brand should pay attention to what? First, we should focus on understanding whether the enterprise has a systematic marketing system. read more

Steamed delicious fast food cost to join

of course reference to join the project of a suitable for themselves, investors are most concerned about is the issue of how much capital investment, Chinese fast food brand so much, there is a delicious steamed Chinese fast food is very good, so the following is interested in the fast-food brand to introduce the project investment funds investors how much.

steamed delicious wealth accumulation, quickly seize the market, steamed delicious brand fast food strong landing, leading the industry to develop a new trend! read more

Lhasa city to promote the party development

With the rapid development of

, it brings us a way to understand the information, so that people can see the changes of people’s life. In the Tibet region, Lhasa also vigorously promote the development of the , so that people become aware of the positive publicity of the Communist Party of china.

2016 years, Tibet focus on deepening the communication, public opinion guidance law research, to carry out online propaganda, propaganda theme, policy propaganda, typical propaganda and public opinion to guide the public opinion to seize the high ground, to ensure that the voice of the party become the strongest space. read more

Tea tea accentuating color space net profit

The future of

complies with the development of the market demand for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tea accentuating color of tea, is a very good choice. Tea Yan Yue milk tea to join the project, the market space for development is good!

tea Yan Yue adhere to the most natural superior tea raw materials, the original high-quality shops space design lead the trend of E generation. Tea accentuating color tea shop has spring and summer autumn and winter cold drink complete commodity, rigorous technical training, products and personnel governing the experienced teaching, professional R & D team to develop new products, to increase the market competitiveness. read more

Babeile shop why so popular whole

ice cream lovers as a delicacy you have heard of this Babeile ice cream brand! The person who ate the ice cream shop must not forget the taste of the shop. So, why is this brand can be known to everyone? Nature is the brand’s own advantage, then, what is the advantage of these?.

Babeile shop why so popular?

small that Babeile popular factors have four aspects, respectively is quick meal, fast shop, low investment projects, a store at most stores and so on, we have the four aspects to understand the following information. read more

The Spring Festival travel to take the high speed rail signal not coverage all around the islan

in modern life, we can not do without the phone, but a mobile phone in the hands of less traffic, for many young people is almost blind! Spring Festival travel to take the high-speed rail signal is not good, Hainan high-speed rail around the island 4G coverage, to Hainan holiday leisure friends have benefits! The reporter learned from the railway authorities in Hainan, from the beginning of spring 2017, Hainan high-speed rail around the island first in the country to achieve the 4G signal coverage across the board, passengers in a high-speed EMU can be very smooth to phone and internet. read more

The shop increased shook his car hot business profits high net

since all walks of life in the fierce competition in the business, if you want to do business to fire, naturally need to take some action, but also need to make their own shops with more features. We in this alley, as I like the size of the small shops have several, on location, I shop in the city, on the shop area is not too big, but it is my small supermarket own house, do not need to rent. In any case, it is also the home of their own homes to consider how to make money, or I can rent the house rent. read more

LVSHOU money all joined the Art Museum

in our constant pursuit of quality of life, then we demand for beauty is also rising. How about the green thin aesthetic museum? Beautiful choice loved by consumers. There is no doubt that the choice of enterprises to join the green thin aesthetic museum project, or very choice of business opportunities!

1, a qualified beautician to have professional knowledge

if the beautician has a wide range of knowledge, then she will increase the opportunity to communicate with customers, customers will also have a sense of trust. Only beauticians have a real professional skills, customers will be assured to give you care. Knowledge of the facial skin is the basic knowledge required by the beautician, can help a better understanding of the analysis of the customer’s skin condition, thus giving the corresponding remedial measures. Go to beauty salons and consumer customers will have certain requirements for cosmetics, so the beautician to function and the use of beauty salons cosmetics standard in charge, so as to more targeted communication with customers to meet the personalized needs. read more

Taro is love pizza let you meet love

is common in our life is Western-style food varieties of pizza is one of the most suitable for mass consumer products, and is a very good brand taste delicacy. Of course, many investors are very optimistic about the brand to join. But what brand is better? Small series recommended for you still love pizza pizza shop.

has a long history of Western food, taro is still love pizza store is the crystallization of Chinese and Western food culture collision, to pay attention to the material, unique taste, clear and distinctive brand features. Taro is still love pizza tradition tradition and join the franchise more rich and creative, in the market show style, won many consumers love. If you do not know the pizza shop which good friends, may wish to take a look at the taro love pizza store? read more

The whole method never missed five women to join

we all know, women’s market has been a very hot market, in our lives, most of the successful business cases are derived from the selection of clothing to join. If, you are also very heart, so, what are you still hesitating?

a comprehensive understanding of the market

first of all to make a comprehensive investigation of the market, the choice of the most market potential brand agent. First of all according to the characteristics of the agent you want to determine the characteristics of your agent to prepare the brand, including the degree of prosperity, people’s income level, education, fashion acceptance, etc.. Then make sure you want to sell is men and women or children (now more, on the market of women’s brand for larger choice, the market potential consumption is large, so most people will choose women); the age of your target consumer is a section of women (women aged 30-40 consumption comparison therefore, many big brands will be targeted to women in this age group); the approximate price you can accept is so much. All of the above questions should be considered as a very important and essential part of what you are going to consider at the beginning, because it will directly affect whether you will be able to profit from the agency. read more

Open procedures and documents necessary for the whole noodle

from the teacher education we need to do a good law-abiding children grow up, nature is the same, because of the social order is relying on the premise of each of us will not touch the bottom line of the law, entrepreneurship is the same.

venture project selection has always been a concern for many people, but the lack of entrepreneurial experience and capital, small business is the primary choice of the problem, but in the end how it should be small business is a headache, actually opened a noodle shop is a good project to make money. So what do you need to open the procedures and documents?. read more

Chinese wood floor ten brand list the whole


said the housing floor processing can be the tool of choice for very much, however, in the whole industry, modern home decoration selection of wooden floor reached more than ninety-five percent, China is wood flooring production and consumption in the world’s largest domestic wood flooring brand, as many as 5000, this small, with 15 years of experience in building materials industry to summarize the experience Chinese wood floor ten brand list, for the purchase of the wood floor as reference. read more

Energy saving lamp ten brands list the whole

lighting market in the whole, energy-saving lamps have become the mainstream of social consumption. Of course, because people’s consumer demand, energy-saving lamp market brand is also very much. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of energy-saving lamps, so that consumers in this area have the option to choose a more appropriate energy-saving lamps good products.

energy saving lamp ten brands list NO.1, PHILPS lighting: founded in 1891 in Holland, the world leader in home lighting, the world’s 100 most valuable brands, PHILPS Electronics (China) Investment Co., ltd.. read more

The winter house decoration needs to pay attention to what the problem the whole

winter housing renovation problems need to pay attention to what? Many consumers are beginning to decorate the new house in winter, the seasonal factors affect the decoration effect? Many novice may not be very clear about the relevant issues. Xiao Bian summed up a number of small decoration knowledge, I hope to provide some reference for you, hurry to look at it.

winter housing decoration in general should be y guaranteed to be within the temperature is within the temperature should be about 10 degrees Celsius, a lot of decoration materials is about 5 degrees Celsius, but the wall is heat cannot be produced automatically, the wall has good insulation effect but does not produce heat, so the indoor temperature is maintained at 10 degrees Celsius is very good decoration temperature. read more

The air purifier stores how to grasp the business opportunities

now the serious environmental pollution, clean air, become a concern of many consumers, in order to protect the health of their families, the air purifier has become many families, appeared on the market a lot of air purifier brand, to join the investment people, entrepreneurial projects of air purifier, how to choose the brand, seize opportunities, becomes a key.

the continuous increase in the consumption demand of the current air purifier, air purifier franchise investors how to grasp business opportunities? The first clear investigation development value of the brand, the first in-depth understanding of the market, combined with the specific regional market demand is what? On the details of the project, the entrepreneur must first conduct a thorough assessment of the location brand positioning, if the median market gaps or has a distinct consciousness, the brand is after a detailed consideration, and has a certain brand operation ability. read more

First you taste authentic Korean food gimbap

we now living convenience is that Chinese can not imagine, the other not only about our food and beverage market, now we need a visa to go abroad will be able to eat authentic foreign meal in the home, the land and catering operators will do the same to a Korean delicacy, let you indoors can taste the delicacy.


the first brand was founded in May 2009, is a Korean fast food project high standard Beijing food catering management limited accessibility far meticulously. First you uphold the quintessence of Korean food culture gimbap, stick to the traditional production process, and on the basis of excellence, continuous innovation, through market research and practice of scientific exploration, to develop the most suitable for the development of China Korean fast food chain business model. Because of accurate market positioning, unique style of products, quality service, perfect management system, with the first person you unremittingly pursue perfect quality spirit, first you Korean fast food has already set a good brand image in the market today. read more

Why do you want to open the whole Hot pot shop

a lot of people are in doubt, the food and beverage market, so many hot pot hotpot restaurant can really make money? Put aside those objective factors do not say, will only join the hot pot, Xiao Bian still think this is a worthwhile investment projects, why? The main reasons are as follows: six

a taste of hot pot taste better than Chinese food.

The high level of

Hot pot must highlight the bright red color, spicy flavor, fragrance, pleasant place, long road, and lead a person to endless aftertastes. All the dishes in Chinese is difficult to do at the same time, that is to say Hot pot taste stimuli is far more than the Chinese, but also people’s taste eat more, especially in young people and the new stimulus is their favourite, just this kind of group is the main force of catering consumption. read more

Democratic life will be set 52 livelihood facts

Democratic life meeting, Huangzhong county to sought up masses, and the masses life is closely related to the production problems, sorted in order of priority, the degree of difficulty to solve, in respect of the basic situation, consider the wishes of the masses, and ultimately determine the 52 practical livelihood efforts to promote, to ensure that the limited financial resources, with the most urgent needs of the people, most want to solve the problem. Currently, these 52 projects for the smooth progress of private things.

in May 28th this year, Huangzhong county committee team came to the county’s most impoverished Hai Zi Gou Xiang Hei Gou Cun, visit farmers, understand the problems of the masses, to accept the party’s mass line educational practice activities in the field of education. Due to the harsh natural conditions, the black village planting weather, the village is currently net income of 25 households per capita living only 2500 yuan, every eat low; due to the inconvenience of traffic, the village doctor, children in kindergarten to turn the 3 mountains, "he carried, serious drag, the village 17 years not married the new wife…… Clear the villages, understand the requirements of the masses, Huangzhong County Standing Committee United thought: is to make the greatest efforts to present a pressing matter of the moment to reverse the black village villagers, difficult and difficult journey to school difficult, hard to get rich, fundamentally solve the livelihood problems of their lives, so they really have a good day.

in the Huangzhong County Committee Team democratic life meeting, practical problems like black village that related to the lives of the masses put forward many. We listen carefully to the voice of the masses, concerned about the sufferings of the masses, attention to the aspirations of the masses, so that the grassroots think, anxious grassroots anxious to help grassroots needs. Criticism and self-criticism in the democratic life meeting has laid a good foundation for solving the problem from the action.   read more

2015 Xining harvest 283 fine days

In the first day of the new year, Xining blue sky is blue, a lot of people in Xining proudly on the network with "blue Xining" message to the new year. As people are most concerned about the blue sky project, Xining hand over how the results? Reporters learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in 2015 the number of days of good air quality in the city reached 283 days, excellent rate of 77.5%. Compared with the same period last year, the number of fine days increased by 18 days, the fine rate increased by 4.7 percentage points, the level of pollutants decreased significantly compared with the same period in 2014.What is the

control air will be an antidote against the disease

in order to governance of the broad masses of the people suffering from heart and lung, an antidote against the disease to control air pollution in our city. Duocuobingju, air quality in our city has been significantly improved.

– the strict control of construction dust. The city of the city’s 442 construction sites, 22 sites, 27 units of commercial concrete enterprise to take regular and irregular inspections, inspection of key construction project, resident supervision area at various construction sites and other measures to ensure the effective implementation of the 5 100% governance standards. During the on-site rectification of construction site 116, the implementation of the construction permit withheld on 2 construction sites, forced closure of construction site 12, and 27 of the project site of economic punishment, punishment for a total amount of 1 million 950 thousand yuan.

– effective suppression of road dust. All over the road to strengthen the road dust suppression measures, the city’s 121 primary and secondary roads to the implementation of the 5 to the 7 uninterrupted sprinkler operation, effectively curb the road dust pollution. GPS operation and supervision of muck cars, week to carry out inspections at night, as of now, city, district two urban management department of the construction site, construction waste transport vehicles 13 violations, penalties amounting to 38 thousand yuan.

– promoting coal smoke pollution. 2015 complete coal gas control tasks 235.67 tons of steam; 322 catering enterprises of coal (oil) smoke governance; increase the coal business market rectification work, currently the city’s 4 coal level centralized trading market has been put into operation in the county; 49 coal two class management network has been fully completed and listed operation.

– vigorously implement the motor vehicle pollution control. The introduction of the 2015 Xining yellow car to encourage the elimination of real work; read more

North of the city to highlight the five comprehensive urged grassroots organizations on the stairs

in a new round of "grassroots organization building activities in the north area of outstanding" five comprehensive ", continue to stimulate the vitality of Party members, Party members and Party organizations at all levels, give full play to the fighting force vanguard and exemplary role, and constantly improve the level of grassroots party building system, grass-roots party organization construction work very fruitful.
balanced, Duocuobingju, highlight the "full coverage". According to the "three training and double" activities, the implementation of target management of rural Party members; combined with Excel, the implementation of the working party dual management of community members; combination of "learning party" construction activities, the implementation of self-management of Party members; with different marriage project, the implementation of dynamic management of Party members; combined with the "four close" the implementation of activities, to guide the management of retired cadres of staff members, encourage them to give full play to heat. In rural areas, communities, institutions, liquidity and management of retired party members "full bloom", positive innovation and rationalize the non-public economic organizations, social organizations and school party construction management system, set up the non-public economic organizations, social organizations and education of Party committee, Party committee and relevant members of the unit to refine the job responsibilities the formation of the region, the relevant departments of joint management a good situation, to guide the establishment of 33 non-public economic organizations of the Party branch and the 1 branch of social organization. 34 Deputy cadres above the rank of deputy director of non-public economic organizations and social organizations party building instructor.
linking point helping, twinning, highlighting the "comprehensive contact". The organization to carry out "activities, four and three for five of the visit", each district level leadership contact 1 villages, 1 communities, 1 schools, 1 non-public economic organizations of the party organization and the 1 rural life difficult for the masses of Party members; each district departments and units to carry out the work of Village (neighborhood), the foundation layer, help helping the economic construction, to help solve the grievances, help the idea change; Deputy Secretary of the party organization of each faction contact 1-2’s village Party members and the masses, home visits, asked the government to the people, take the initiative to visit, ask for the people, liberating regularly, ask for people. Activities, cadres at all levels of Party Congress held a total of 67 times, two committees team members meeting of the 93 session of the 63, on behalf of the villagers, the household survey collected 4915 households, including the rural masses travel difficult, difficult issues such as farmers’ children to school a total of 55, a total of 43 pieces to resolve all kinds of conflicts, create a harmonious and stable society the urban and rural environment, consolidate the party organization effectiveness of linking point helping work. At present, the region has achieved 100% of the village Party organizations and party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and community party organizations twinning help. read more

n order to make innovation of the core values of air plant

to effectively promote the core values of education practice, improve the citizens’ moral quality and the degree of social civilization, civilization in December 16th, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial office, the Provincial Association of Social Sciences jointly held the cultivation and practice the socialist core values theory seminar. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja attended and spoke, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy minister Wang Xiangming chaired the meeting.
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Our province will build online trading platform drugs

In May 15th, the deputy governor of the province health reform group leader Ma Shunqing chaired a provincial health reform leading group in 2014 third meeting to hear about the implementation of grading treatment system, the comprehensive reform of the county public hospital reform, informationization construction, Medicare payment reform, unified urban and rural residents and drug treatment list directory, outpatient service report on the situation, arrangements for the next step.

Hefei city won the national happiness

many people will be asked if you are happy? Where do people’s happiness come from? Recently, Hefei won the "China ten happy city", in the 104 Chinese city sample, Hefei city won the "best talent shows itself, Chinese well-being of the ten provincial capital city and municipality directly under the central government".

China "economic life survey" began in 2006, is currently the largest domestic financial media survey project, jointly sponsored by CCTV, the National Bureau of statistics, China post group, National Development Research Institute of Peking University. read more

n August this year the five continents Art Troupe gathered in Xining

The extraordinary grace Dan Gar embroidered leather and unrestrained Huangzhong peasant paintings, have a unique style in Datong shadow, graceful inlaid silk thangka…… Xining folk art has a long history. Reporter yesterday learned from the Xining Municipal Propaganda Department, to further promote the Xining folk art, build Xining folk art brand, enrich the cultural life of the people of Xining, to enhance the influence of Xining summer, in August of this year, Xining will host the tenth session of the Chinese International Folk Art festival.

this festival will invite five continents in more than ten countries (regions) of the art troupe in from around the world, more than 300 artists will conduct cultural exchanges. 100 people will be invited to participate in the Arts Festival Arts Festival activities. During the event, will host the opening ceremony Gala, art festival concert, "xiadou view of the beautiful scenery, quality international cultural feast – International Folk Art tour. In addition, the art team will also travel to the four district of Xining, the performance of the three counties, for everyone to perform wonderful programs.   read more

More high quality works to improve the quality of publications

recently, the province’s press and publication unit heads meeting. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work in 2014, the deployment of this year’s books, newspapers, periodicals and audio-visual electronic publishing.
it is understood that in 2014 the provincial press and publication front in accordance with the central and provincial requirements, stick around the central task, hold high the great banner of socialism China, adhere to the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, struggling to create around three province area and cultural construction, and vigorously promote the theme and excellent national culture and carry out a series of important activities, completed many important publishing tasks, published a number of excellent publications where prominent national characteristics and the spirit of the times bright. At the same time, strengthen the supervision of the press and publishing industry, the level of service continues to improve, in order to promote the province’s "three zones" made an important contribution to the building. It is reported that this year the news:

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Huangzhong 20 village infrastructure will be upgraded

last year, Huangzhong county invested 478 million yuan, to the linking point helping Li Shan Zhen Gang Cha village 35 village, the village has fundamentally changed, from the past chaos into today’s Qi net beauty, production and living conditions of villagers have greatly improved. On this basis, this year the county has 20 villages will get 13 military enterprises to help build units of aid, currently has 2 million 126 thousand yuan of funds in place.

last year, the county to carry out military enterprises build activities in Kumbum Monastery, southern Foshan and surrounding areas 109, along highway 315 and West high speed along the 5 townships. The implementation of the civil affairs, transportation, environmental protection and other related projects more than and 200, the village infrastructure has been greatly improved, the effective improvement of the village, village living environment, to further optimize the construction of grassroots organizations significantly strengthened, more than 4.5 people benefit. The county through financial subsidies, the implementation of funds to help strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure. At the same time actively cultivate a number of characteristics of the industry, and strive to develop the county economy, effectively increasing the income of farmers. On this basis, the county to promote the farmers to get rich, to achieve "a village planning, a village style, a village with a" as the goal, to reflect the regional and national characteristics, highlight the cultural connotation of the principle, this year will focus on the 4 township farmers walls, gate transformation, the implementation of village road hardening, village renovation project, realize the village greening, lighting, landscaping, cleaning, transformation and new village comprehensive office service center and cultural square, and continue to adjust the industrial structure, vigorously support the "one village one product" characteristic industry, the development of agricultural industry in the village of second, three, the village village appearance, environment change and further improve the infrastructure and promote the stable income of farmers. (author: Ge Wenrong)
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A sleepless night Lake market harmonious relocation

In order to achieve a smooth sea lake road in the wholesale market relocation, in the organization and command of vice mayor Xu Guocheng, the city commerce, public security, fire, police, traffic police and other departments and city agriculture company, multi sectoral coordination, jointly managed to win a relocation battle, to provide the most satisfactory service for the relocation of businesses, to ensure that the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market smooth relocation, harmonious relocation. read more

60 thousand people have been admitted to the Sea Lake District

In July 7th, a reporter from the Lake District Management Committee was informed that, after several years of development and construction, the traffic network system is becoming more and more perfect, the Lake District public facilities, full-featured service facilities are complete, which makes tens of thousands of people full of hope and confidence in the New District, in the new population is more and more. According to statistics, as of now, 60 thousand people have been admitted to the sea lake district. read more

Huangyuan vinegar break the vinegar world wide

of the Qinghai Huangyuan vinegar complex

daily expenses: daily necessities daily necessaries of tea, vinegar in Qinghai people’s lives, plays a very important role.

In addition to

Shanxi aged vinegar and Jiangsu vinegar in Zhenjiang, Qinghai people, Huangyuan vinegar has a very good reputation. Many Qinghai people went into the kitchen, can see a bag or a bottle of vinegar in Huangyuan.

66 year old Zhao Haisheng, the provincial capital of the old man is an authentic vinegar jar". From small to large in his memory, especially in the summer, vinegar is an indispensable thing, eat jelly, bean flour, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce rice, barley – up group, mixed with vegetables, vinegar is the best sauce. read more

Xining catering industry will create a civilized table

"A rice porridge, when thinking hard to come by, please eat a reasonable meal, no food left." The future of this civilized dining tips will be everywhere. It is reported that, in order to further enhance the consciousness of the people, promote the Xining city national civilized city to create work, food and Drug Administration in the city catering service industry to carry out activities to create a civilized table.

the city’s "table of civilization" to create activities to hotels, restaurants and other catering enterprises, schools, offices canteen as the focus, to carry out the civilized table model shop "," civilized dining room table demonstration "," civilized dining service star "rating activities, do not save the dinner leftovers, how many points to eat safety; dining without drainage oil, not bad food; health meal using chopsticks gongshao; civilized dining — no foul language, no loud noise, speech and deportment civilization. Catering enterprises will guide consumers to a reasonable diet, civilized dining, scientific packaging, to avoid waste, it is recommended that customers with reasonable dishes, ordering the waiter to the customer to express dishes. Restaurant enterprises in the provision of civilized dining environment at the same time should also be universal table manners, advocate customers do not smoke when eating, not loud noise, etc., to create a "smile service, respect courtesy" civilized etiquette atmosphere. Promote conservation, green consumption, adhere to the procurement, the use of qualified tableware, cooking oil and other raw and auxiliary materials, disposable tableware, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the production of waste residue. Guide customers to run out of food, will not run out of food packaging, and free of charge to provide environmentally friendly packing lunch boxes. (author: 1) read more

Xining quality inspection of supermarkets and food production and processing enterprises to carry ou

in the Spring Festival approaching, Xining quality inspection departments of the city’s supermarkets and food production and processing enterprises to carry out a special inspection of food products and other aspects of quality safety and measurement. (the sound effect of the scene is mixed with a few seconds)

recently, the reporter went to the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality inspection staff came to the supermarket in Wangfujing, the chief of the Bureau of Metrology Bureau Xiao Hong told reporters: read more

Xining Social Security Bureau to obtain the national human resources and social security system 2008

Recently, the Xining municipal social insurance administration was named the national human resources and social security system 2008-2010 annual quality service window units, and was commended

recently, the Xining municipal social insurance administration was named the national human resources and social security system 2008-2010 annual quality service window units, and was commended.

Xining as one of the largest window handling service, the city social security in the social security service work, always in accordance with the municipal government and the community sector requirements, that the mass to provide satisfactory service as the goal, carry out high-quality service window creation activities, and constantly enhance service awareness, improve their work style, improve work efficiency, innovation service form, strictly according to law, and achieved remarkable results, by the insured unit and personnel. read more

Xining City District moved to hinder the obstruction of pollution control

Recently, in order to solve the environmental problems affecting people’s production and living, urban areas in accordance with the "winter disease summer rule" work ideas, to take strong measures to remove obstacles hindering the pace of air pollution control.

it is understood that even the day, the district environmental protection departments one by one investigation area of all households need to transform coal-fired boiler units, has been on the use of 66 coal-fired boilers 42.8 tons of steam units, Small and micro businesses and families of hospital building issued a "rectification notice", the perfunctory, refused to rectification the 12 "black smoke" coal-fired boiler according to the implementation of the seizure, removal; take "whole change", strengthen the food service industry rectification, checked 191 catering units. To carry out special inspections of water pollution accident, the Huangshui River (the section) and tributaries sewage inspections, and increase the area of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises of water pollution remediation efforts. As of now, has checked the production and processing enterprises 97, 8 issued a "rectification notice", the 8 found sewage mouth, on-site renovation completed in 2, and transferred to relevant departments timely reporting limit rectification 6. read more

The central state organs family planning second eleven cooperation group leaders to inspect and gui

In August 9th, accompanied by the central state organs of family planning second, eleven members of the unit for a 10 people Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, the provincial population director happiness project in Qinghai Province Office of the Organizing Committee of the Huangzhong County Zhao Minghu to inspect and guide the work of happiness

8 month 9 days, accompanied by the central state organs of family planning second, eleven members of the unit for a 10 people Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, the provincial population director happiness project in Qinghai Province Office of the Organizing Committee of the Huangzhong County Zhao Minghu to inspect and guide the work of happiness. read more

Provincial organs of harmonious development and dream of China the staff held a theatrical performa

Sing sing, sing harmony, unity, strength to sing; sing Chinese iron will and heroism, to express the highland children by the party and the motherland deeply blessings and unity of lofty sentiments and aspirations. September 24th, Qinghai province directly under the authority of the harmonious development of · dream of China, the staff held a theatrical performance in Xining.

the employees Arts Festival is the provincial authorities to celebrate the new China 66 anniversary and the 70 anniversary of the victory of Anti Japanese War, the new achievements in the construction of the Acura provincial authorities, actively promote a cultural event and the cultural construction of cadres and workers of the construction of spiritual civilization. The provincial authorities of each unit cadres and workers to respond positively, carefully organized, choreographed program, a total of 34 programs of 35 units participated in the show, demonstrating the good wish of the provincial authorities of each unit and the majority of Party members and cadres and workers of the blessing of the motherland and uplifting spirit.

art show top awards. General Office of the provincial Party committee selected the program won the first prize, Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau, Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League "program won the two prize, six provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other units should select the program by third-prize Province, Industrial and Commercial Bureau units outstanding organization award.   read more

Xining city industry and Commerce solutions for the financing problems of small and micro enterprise

rapid development of small and micro enterprises, not only can ease the employment difficulties, but also to enliven the market economy, the state attaches great importance to, but also vigorously support. This year, Xining city business sector will continue to actively support the development of small and micro enterprises, open up the green channel for the development of small and micro enterprises to provide quality, efficient and convenient service.

It is reported that last year the city of read more

Xining set up 19 temporary Spring Festival sales points

January 28th, reporters from the Xining City Administration Bureau learned that the purchase of couplets for the convenience of the public, during the period from January 19, 2013 to February 8, 2013, in Xining City, East District, West District, North District, Chengzhong District, set up 19 couplets temporary point of sale.

point of sale couplets are as follows: the East District: Min Xiang, Huang Zhong Lu, Bowen Road, North street.

City area: Shipo street, fourteen line, Mo street, Beidou Palace Street small square line, West Taiwan, South Road, on both sides of the dragon market center market. read more