NHL rules changes focus on coaches’ challenges, video review, player safety

first_imgNHL DRAFT 2019: Former Rangers GM Neil Smith on the process, mistakes and pressure on Ray SheroThe league instituted a third category for coaches’ challenges. In addition to offsides and goaltender interference, coaches will now be able to challenge any goal in which a play stoppage in the offensive zone should have occurred prior to the score. “This change will allow challenges of plays that may involve pucks that hit the spectator netting, pucks that are high-sticked to a teammate in the offensive zone, pucks that have gone out of play but are subsequently touched in the offensive zone and hand passes that proceed without a play stoppage and ultimately conclude in the scoring of a goal,” the league said in a press release.Basically the NHL has addressed the hand pass and blown major penalty calls from the playoffs, but not the missed trip from the SCF.— Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) June 21, 2019Such challenges will only be allowed if the puck does not leave the offensive zone between the missed stoppage and the goal.Coaches will also be able to make as many challenges as they like, but those challenges will carry greater risks. Teams will now receive a minor penalty for delay of game on a first unsuccessful challenge and a double minor for each subsequent unsuccessful challenge. Previously, a team’s ability to challenge was based on the availability of a timeout. Bettman stresses #NHL does not want challenges in games, hence the penalties for an incorrect challenge. He says it shouldn’t be for “I hope it’s goaltender interference” or “maybe it looks like it’s close.” They are supposed to be for “crystal clear, unmistakable errors.”— Frank Seravalli (@frank_seravalli) June 21, 2019Another change concerning video review: Referees are now required to review all non-fighting major penalties and match penalties. Officials will not be able to nullify the penalty, however; they can only confirm it or reduce it to a minor penalty. The 2018-19 contract year isn’t yet over, but the NHL is already changing its rules for next season.The changes were approved this week by the league’s Board of Governors, general managers and the Competition Committee and announced Thursday by commissioner Gary Bettman in Vancouver, site of this weekend’s NHL Draft. The most notable adjustments: Coaches’ challenges and video review have been expanded, and enhanced player safety initiatives have been taken. Referees will also be able to check the video after a double minor penalty for high-sticking to confirm the call and ensure the correct player is penalized. Such reviews are not mandated, however.To enhance safety, a player who loses his helmet must return to their team’s bench or replace the helmet before returning to the play. Any player who attempts to take off an opponent’s helmet will receive a minor penalty for roughing.Offensive teams will now be able to select which faceoff circle they would like to start from following icings and at the beginning of power plays as the league looks to increase scoring opportunities. Goalies are also no longer allowed to intentionally dislodge the goal on a breakaway. Doing so will result in a goal for the offensive team.last_img

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