Peru Toughens Act on Counter Terrorism and Sexual Abuse

first_img The Peruvian Congress passed a bill on December 13 that prohibits teachers that have been prosecuted for terrorism, drug trafficking or sexual abuse to teach in educational institutions for police and Armed Forces, informed the Secretariat of the Legislative Power. “Teachers or administrative staff that have been sentenced or involved in terrorist activities, sexual crimes or drug trafficking will be permanently removed from their positions or disqualified to teach in schools, police and Armed Forces academies,” the resolution stated. The bill was approved by Congress, and it will be submitted to the Presidential Palace to be enacted by President Ollanta Humala. The law also allows for the creation of a judiciary record of convicted or prosecuted individuals for terrorist crimes, terrorist advocacy, sexual violation and/or freedom, and illicit drug trafficking. During the debate, it was stated that the project, supported by all political groups, is aimed at preventing teachers who have been prosecuted and sentenced for these charges from returning to educational centers, the Secretariat added. In this respect, it was mentioned that so far, there was no impediment for people convicted for these crimes to return to positions in schools. By Dialogo December 17, 2012last_img

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