Red excellent book exhibition held by readersRed excellent book exhibition held by readers

For the long Chongqing to the new Chinese 65 anniversary, let’s revisit great achievements since the establishment of new China, September -11 month, the State Press and Publication Administration Organization National 100 letter City, carried out jointly celebrate the 65 anniversary of the founding of new China excellent book exhibition, I dashizhi Xinhua Bookstore and bookstore of Xining to participate in the activities of the two bookstores become this. In October 7th, the reporter went to the Grand Cross of the Xinhua Bookstore, the most prominent position in the store, there is a marked "to celebrate the 65 anniversary of the motherland hundred letters City excellent book exhibition" circular booth, "Deng Xiaoping", "General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech reading", "reading" the mass line of the party education, various all associated with the birth of the motherland excellent books are all on display. Grand Cross of Xinhua bookstore manager Zhao Manhong said, the Grand Cross of Xinhua Bookstore is the first time to participate in such activities, many people came to buy books, sales better than usual activities, the effect is very good. In the Xining book city with red classics as the theme of the relevant books are listed in the event booth. Into the book city will be able to see there are 4 booths: history and social science books exhibition, economic class book exhibition, children’s book exhibition, tourism book exhibition. These booths are standing around a lot of people, they choose their own interest in the book carefully read. In the children’s books exhibition, the reporter saw a mother is taking his son to pick books, the children picked up one of the books to read with relish, is fascinated. "He is still young, he is in kindergarten, and the teacher always encourages them to read some story books. Into the bookstore to see a children’s book exhibition, they went straight to want to pick a few more to see him." The child’s mother said.   read more

The province’s provincial pilot institutions and institutions to accelerate the construction of basiThe province’s provincial pilot institutions and institutions to accelerate the construction of basi

, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, recently, the "Three Basics" by the provincial office, provincial human resources and social security department and the competent departments of environmental protection, water conservancy, develop agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry and other 4 provincial pilot industry evaluation institutions personnel professional ability standard, evaluation standard, training program and basic ability the implementation plan ("two standard program outline") officially issued. This marks the province’s provincial pilot institutions and institutions to accelerate the construction of basic capacity. read more

Provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the wave groupProvincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the wave group

1 12 pm, the provincial government and the wave group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Xining. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun, chairman of the wave group and CEO, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General attended the meeting, Mr. Sun Pishu. Vice governor Tian Jinchen, vice president of the wave group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Gong Mingxiang.

provincial government attaches great importance to the development of cloud computing and big data industry, 2015 in the lead in the introduction of "on the implementation of opinions" to promote the development of cloud computing and big data industry cultivation, put forward around the national "The Belt and Road" strategy to seize the country to vigorously promote the "Internet + mobile development opportunities, build on the basis set facilities, system platform, cloud application platform, value-added services, supporting the end product five industrial chain for the cloud computing data center and the national disaster recovery center. Last November 1st, the principal leaders of the provincial government led by our party and government delegation to the wave of the group were investigated, and the wave of the group is mainly responsible for the in-depth exchanges, and cloud computing, big data, smart city, the integration of the two professional personnel training and other aspects of cooperation reached a broad consensus. read more

Huangzhong county to carry out the celebration of 71 cum military and civilian to build civil culturHuangzhong county to carry out the celebration of 71 cum military and civilian to build civil cultur

June 25th, Huangzhong county held a party to celebrate the festival, to celebrate the eighteen party "service and" Qing 71 army and the "home culture month theatrical performances, opened a month long civil culture month off.

day, from the garrison troops, communities, schools, community organizations in chorus, dance, drama and other forms, celebrate the 91 anniversary of the founding, to celebrate the party’s eighteen, the full expression of patriotism, love the party, love Huangzhong. Wonderful song and dance, humorous pieces, funny comic dialogue to make a brilliant performance. The local garrison and full of passion, loud singing, dance together to review the glorious history of the party, to the party’s full show "the valiant record, the fine tradition of Jun Aimin and the people support the military military and civilian yushuiqing a pro. read more

How to open a new cosmetics shopHow to open a new cosmetics shop

cosmetics shop has now become a good choice for the majority of female friends business, at the same time due to the increase in the cosmetics brand on the market as a whole, open purchase cosmetics store has become a problem, want talent shows itself in the industry, you need to have a good purchase channels.

1, local wholesalers or dealers purchase

to local wholesalers or agents that can purchase cosmetics supply, there is certainly the most cheap. But this requires a certain amount of money, if you are just a new shop, it is recommended not to enter so many goods. Cosmetics purchase depends on whether the product is genuine, where they purchase absolute guarantee goods. For example: I live in Shenzhen, Shenzhen cosmetics wholesale market is generally looking for sources of goods, of course, to get the goods cheaper than the goods online. read more

Better service for residents to carry out the first asking system serviceBetter service for residents to carry out the first asking system service

April 6th, the provincial capital of the ancient city of Taiwan Office of youth Lane community residents Xu Xiufeng to the neighborhood committee to consult about social security, just responsible for the work of staff out. In accordance with past practice, Xu Xiufeng need to wait until the staff come back or consulting, another day, the reception of her staff immediately made her answer, thanks to the young Lane community launched the "first asking" service — the first day people visiting the reception staff, must do a good job of answering questions for residents. Until the residents’ satisfaction. read more

mprovement of women’s health in Qinghaimprovement of women’s health in Qinghai

in the 38 women’s Day approaching, March 3rd, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission informed the province of women’s health in 2014. Over the past year, the province’s health and family planning system in accordance with the reform of major public health maternal and child health project arrangements, and comprehensively promote the implementation of the project, on schedule to achieve the objectives and tasks of the project. Women’s health in the province has been further improved.
  read more

National self improvement model transfer dedicationNational self improvement model transfer dedication

"Shen Canzhi no residue, I will smile to belong to me every day." In June 24th, provincial Party school auditorium, arm teacher Ma revival, about his "dream of the most beautiful rural teachers". On the same day, the fifth national self model cum assistive advanced report will be held, passing the positive energy for the province more than 800 participants.

Analysis of the problems and problems in the management of maternal and child products storeAnalysis of the problems and problems in the management of maternal and child products store

maternal and infant products in the current market has been growing in the operating market, so doing this business as long as proper operation, money will not be a problem. However, if you want to run a successful maternal and child supplies store, naturally also need to pay attention to some small business skills, and should pay attention to the place we need to pay attention to.

maternal and child supplies store business tips:

, we must implement the membership marketing, for each baby food purchases to a statistics, and then make a prediction, when the baby was almost over when to call the customer, at the same time to ask door-to-door visit. Membership of the food customer loyalty is very high, there is little diversion phenomenon. read more

City family planning guidance center to build interoperability information platform for the floatingCity family planning guidance center to build interoperability information platform for the floating

In order to further enhance the Xining City floating population management and service level, strengthen the cooperation with the floating population residence area, city planning and guidance center of Fujian province Nanan city population and Family Planning Bureau signed the "floating population family planning service management two-way collaboration agreement", established "cooperation, cooperation and two-way management integrating services with management", set up a "two-way management of floating population in Fujian, Quanzhou City, the regional cooperation service point in the center, and the use of floating population in Xining city women of childbearing age information system to build the floating population in Quanzhou city planning regional cooperation information sharing notification platform, the platform includes two modules, one is fingerprint information module of population outflow in women of childbearing age, two pregnant women of childbearing age. Check the information feedback loop module, after the completion of the platform, in Fujian province Quanzhou city households Who is married read more

Deployment of the Spring Festival traffic managementDeployment of the Spring Festival traffic management

Yesterday, the Provincial Public Security Bureau held a provincial public security traffic management work and the spring athletes deployment of video conference, in 2013 summing up the work of public security and traffic management results, analysis of the situation of traffic safety, to convey the relevant meetings spirit on the basis of the work and focus on the traffic safety inspection on 2014. "Looking back" activities, especially the Spring Festival traffic management work carried out deployment. read more

My home more than 300 people last yearMy home more than 300 people last year

talent is difficult to stay, lack of industry, technology is lagging behind the true portrayal of the Qinghai Tibet plateau. In recent years, new technology, and more and more college graduates returned to Qinghai entrepreneurship, Qinghai province in 2016, only home to more than 300 people, the plateau is gradually farewell talent "hypoxia" status.

Luo was born in Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan, in the United States to study information technology, as a visiting scholar, he returned home to join the technology industry. In recent years, Sino Tibetan Bilingual teaching machine, Luo Tibet developed reading pen, explain the robot has a number of independent intellectual property products into the plateau herdsmen. Luo said that the new year, he hopes to change the lives of more Tibetan people through science and technology, so that they can contact and experience the wider world beyond the plateau. read more

Chase City ban two dustChase City ban two dust

with the Datong county industrialization and further promote urbanization, the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution pressures continue to increase, in order to improve the air quality, since mid September this year, Datong County in accordance with the polluter, who control; who is in charge, who is the lead; who approval, who is responsible for the principle of territorial management, take effective measures of pollution management of initial success.

to prevent blockage of illegal muck truck read more

Huangzhong popular project warm heartHuangzhong popular project warm heart

in Huangzhong county cadres masses service grass-roots work, conscientiously implement the "the people, gather the people, warm people, the people" project, and actively do practical things for the people, good things, problem-solving things, establish a good image of Party members and cadres in the new period, the closer the party masses relations group.

in-depth visits to know the people

County grassroots cadres at all levels, to carry out extensive exchanges and discussions with the masses, deep understanding the practical problems, people at the grass-roots level of economic and social development requirements and expectations, in the production and life of various fields, solicit opinions and suggestions, in the "diary" of detailed records, and actively coordinate and solve. In the activity, 1566 grassroots cadres visited the masses of 87 thousand and 500 people, with the basic unit, the masses held more than 8000 seminars, issued "public contact cards" 3701, issued "public service card" 1156, "wrote the diary" million articles, for finishing the salient issues 463. read more